Sunday, September 25, 2011

RIP Robert Chasowa

Violent political thuggery is again on the upswing in Malawi.  We are now witnessing almost daily attacks on Human Rights activists and shameless killings of any persons dissenting against the ruling party, the DPP.  This savagery of the State against its own people is disgusting and reversing any steps to development we may have finally started making. They are turning Malawi into a Stalinist state where only a handful of people will ever know prosperity.  The rest will slave away in fear and poverty.


This simple blog will do 2 things:

i)  List the culprits responsible for cowardly attacks on our brothers and sisters who are trying their best to serve the country constructively and take us forward.  These cowards live in our very own communities!! Lets know them, keep an eye on them, pressure them, and protect our activists from them.  From there, justice will find its own path.

ii)  Record any attacks on dissidents and activists.

Its just a small start, but we have to do something and stand up for each other.  We are many, have smart people among us so lets find ways ways to make it impossible for these clowns to move freely and kill people with impunity in our communities.

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